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Woodhick, the scary guy from "Wet" Virginia. Bring it on johnny/woodhick. I told you where I'd be.
Then you can go back to NYC or wherever you're from, woodhick/johnny and say "Gollee! johnny d. told me Hondo was a kweer. That kweer shore kicked my ass!
I think ma deer frind johnny was joshen me!"
Maybe you'd like to play some pool before you pick a fight with a 6'3, 300 pound Irishman who don't take any crap from anyone.

Woodhick, you believed everything that troll said about me so maybe you might want to believe this. We can dance anytime you want
and I'll say whatever I want to your face. Any part of that you didn't understand?
What a terrible bigot you are for calling Mr.Slim a hillbilly.Of course everyone expects that of you now.

What terrible behavior you have.

Why did you post about picking up boy's hitch hiking?

Pray for your eternal salvation sinner.

Shame on you a supposed sunday school teacher.

Coolie would not like what you are doing.

You really must be a double voter like Mr.Slim posted.

Jesus loves you.We continue our prayers for you.We pray that you can loose some weight so you will not be so miserable.