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You have my invitation. I told you where. What does swing on by mean?
Slim, I only have 2 problems with you.
1. You instantly believed everything that scummy little weasel johnny said about me yet you don't know me or him. I told you to check out his other posts. There IS NO johnny. This is some troll from AZBilliards who has a grudge against me. The fact that you instantly believed everything he said about me led me to believe you and johnny are the same person. Why? I never propositioned him. I told him in anger to suck my ****. If someone would say that to you in a hateful angry way, would you think they were being romantic?
He has lied about everything he has said about me or twisted it. Yet you seem to accept everything he said. Again, why?
Read over his posts. He has never talked about one subject on here. He is some poster from another forum posting just to attack me.

2. You have trashed West Virginia over and over. This led me to believe that you are really larry wilson( lww) , a poster who trashes WV because he knows I love my state. Real West Virginians don't trash our state.

If you will read my post carefully and give me a respectful response, there's no reason why we can't get along. If you continue with the nonsense, I'll know you are either lww or johnny who might be the same person. Fair enough?

I've temporarily taken you off ignore. i have responded back to you in a respectful way, explaining my problems with you. I can do no more.
What a liar you are.

Why did you send me a pm for sex with a smilie face?

How is the affair with your house maid?

The love child still ok?

So you get loaded>This while being a supposed school teacher!

Look up your posts not too good posting about picking up boy's hitch hiking,getting loaded,having an affair,a love child,cursing and it goes on and on.All while being a self proclaimed sunday school teacher!Oh my!

The local VFW Commander has been waiting for your answer for over two years now.How much longer Hondo?

The truth is there.You do not respect the truth.The truth will set you free.

Mr.Slim be careful of this bloody hypocrite.He continues his nonsense.Read his posts on here and the other forum.He must be a double voter forsureHe is not right in the head.WE have daily prayer for him for his sinful soul.