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Thread: Where's hillbilly slim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondo View Post
    Are you West Virginia Slim? LOL!

    There isn't anything wrong with America that liberal ideology, properly applied by government experts, can't make worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondo View Post
    Slim, you are a liar. And here's proof:

    Originally Posted by Nine ... corner... and you won't. Go to

    I joined here initially and found the same thing. If you want to engage in a pool and billiard forum AZ is the place to be!

    Slim's response:
    So is that the az that people keeps talking about. I thought they was talking about arzona

    Further proof that Slim is a liar:

    Originally Posted by Rich R.AZBilliards definitely has more traffic than this forum. It has not always been that way. However, there is a lot of garbage to sift through on that forum. As on this forum, the non-pool related section of the forum is a cesspool. Honestly, other than pool related news, tournament information and 14-1 related topics, I don't read much on AZ but, to each their own.

    slim's response:
    I saw that section has a lot of action.

    Which proves you've looked at that site. Liar, liar, pants on fire!
    So az and azb and azbilliards is all the same thing. Slim dont like that place. Too many republicins like you causin trouble.

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