i'm new to this forum. I hope it is not like one other that I tried where every other comment was about right wing politics rather than pool. I am nearing 70 years old and am from herrin, il which is five miles from the old Johnson city tourney, 90 miles from Owensboro, ky , the home of nick varner, and 40 miles from metropolis, il, the home of buddy hall. so I've seen some good players in my life. I think the best of all time was ralph Greenleaf. at the worlds fair in 25( I think) he ran 125 balls every day for two weeks without EVER missing, and on a 5 by 10. i'm not sure of the pocket size. the best I have personally seen is buddy hall. one time in Oklahoma city he gave a good friend of mine, mike waltrip (pittsburg mike), the 7. mike had won against san diego dick, ronny allen, craig stevens, and grady Mathews to name a few. to get the 7 from anyone was unbelievable, but buddy just ROLLED over him. its pretty ironic that I lived so close to buddy in il and ended up I okc at the same time that he was there. I really respect the game and take great care when I play to not give a negative impression to non players. my game is pretty good for an old guy . when I was in the apa, I had a 93% winning percentage (stat from the league office) as a 7 hdc in the cape Girardeau division, the best in the division over a 4 year period. however, I played in a Carbondale, il league which is way weaker than the cape or Paducah, ky leagues which were nearby. I would have probably been a 5 in either of those. I play with a joss and a guffy. my daughter has a 4 by 8 and I am her nanny so I practice a lot in Fultondale, al. I have stories. I want to hear stories. I hope to hear from all of you. remember to get a solid hit on the break and remember everyone misses sometime. billyp