Looks like Issa is Finally backing off his rude and deceitful rhetoric about our President. His general behavior today was far more reasonable, and far less nasty, aggressive, and insulting.

The hearing today, proved that the 501C4 tax exemption stated for a hundred years that groups seeking tax exemption had to be "not organized for profit, but exclusively used ONLY for social welfare" BUT, for no known reason, the word exclusive, was changed to "Primary" in 1959 in guidlines used by the agency, hence, the IRS violated the law, without congressional authority.

Without that violation of the law, every single 501C4 organization would have been denied, anyway, including ALL of the Tea Party attempts, AND all of the Liberal groups, as well.

The scandal is supposed to be that they didn't get approved fast enough. Hence, none of them were denied anything, because none of them were eligible.

Another "No there, there" just like most of us knew all along.

End of story. End of Darryl Issa's accusations of malicious indulgence. End of Republicans trying to use the IRS to block Obamacare!


Boehner also made a fool of himself today, in front of the cameras, saying he wrote a letter to the president about getting the budget passed, BUT, the fact is, Boehner has blocked any meetings between the Senate and the House, on the budget, and stated he refuses to work with the president, and has blocked and obstructed every and any effort to bring anything to the floor, on the budget!

Paul Ryan also made a total fool of himself today. His behavior today, will go down as one of the most ridiculous, outrageous, juvenile, contemptable public displays of anarchy and disrespect in history.

Keep it up Repigs. Just please keep it up!