I have been watching a bunch of ten ball on you tube. and i think the game makes sense because of the break difficulty. no one puts up a six pack and ends the match basically without the opponent getting to the table. also they're mainly played on 4 inch pockets which definitely is harder that the 4 and 3/8 that I have. but the organizers are trying to legislate luck out of the game. you can't win on the break or can only win in the bottom corners. the payball must be called or at the hard times tourney, you have to call every shot. think people! balls made in unattempted pockets are the least cause of luck. a well placed cueball after the break being kicked into a foul by a color or a color rolling in front of a excellent shot on the one after the break are a 1000 times more likely to alter the outcome of a match than a slopped in ball. and it takes away the " sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand" shot. rolling the money is ,a lot of times, the best shot. its still a shot because you have to place the cueball near and end rail to keep from selling out. and its always the worst player bitching about luck, when luck is their only chance of winning. YOU CAN'T LEGISLATE LUCK OUT OF POOL! billyp