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Thread: luck is part of it

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    luck is part of it

    I have been watching a bunch of ten ball on you tube. and i think the game makes sense because of the break difficulty. no one puts up a six pack and ends the match basically without the opponent getting to the table. also they're mainly played on 4 inch pockets which definitely is harder that the 4 and 3/8 that I have. but the organizers are trying to legislate luck out of the game. you can't win on the break or can only win in the bottom corners. the payball must be called or at the hard times tourney, you have to call every shot. think people! balls made in unattempted pockets are the least cause of luck. a well placed cueball after the break being kicked into a foul by a color or a color rolling in front of a excellent shot on the one after the break are a 1000 times more likely to alter the outcome of a match than a slopped in ball. and it takes away the " sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand" shot. rolling the money is ,a lot of times, the best shot. its still a shot because you have to place the cueball near and end rail to keep from selling out. and its always the worst player bitching about luck, when luck is their only chance of winning. YOU CAN'T LEGISLATE LUCK OUT OF POOL! billyp

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    The more slim pays the luckier he gets.

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    If you get hooked after the break, you push out. Slop a ball in and possibly lose your turn. I kinda like the 10 ball rules. You cant take all the luck out, but you can cut down on it. More safeties, more clusters, tougher game. No slop is also a factor, but the extra congestion means more to me. Makes the run outs more challenging.

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    that's exactly why I doesn't pay for bad players to bitch about luck. like you are implying ( I think), the better you are, the luckier you get.

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    your points are good, although I don't run out that much. I want to pick off what easy colors there are, and try for a ball in hand. but sometimes rolling the money is the best play. you still play the cue ball to a safe area hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bperrin1 View Post
    that's exactly why I doesn't pay for bad players to bitch about luck. like you are implying ( I think), the better you are, the luckier you get.
    I see the opposite, pros don't go for luck shots too often. To me, luckiest aspect of pro level 9 ball is the lucky safe off of a missed shot. 10 ball eliminates that. The lower the level, the more 2 way safe/hail mary shots you will see on the money ball. I agree it doesn't pay to complain about luck, that just makes things worse. But if players don't like it, they can play 10 ball.

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    bp, you've described the regular rules of 10-ball, not some hybrid attempt to make it luck-free. It's a called pocket game for all balls, and the 10, except for a ball on the break extends the breaker's inning. Just like straight pool and eight ball are called pocket games (except in APA or other exceptions). (I didn't know that for years, and when we'd play 10-ball, we'd play identical rules for Texas Express 9-ball just with an extra ball. That was wrong.)

    Even in many 9-ball tournaments (US Open, for one), the money ball on the break doesn't count if made in the foot corners, although otherwise any pocket any ball counts to extend the shooter's inning after a legal hit.

    Why this change, even in 9-ball? Because they've gone to breaker racks his or her own rack (a smart move that prevents haggling over multiple re-racking), and this rule tweak prevents a rigged couple of back rows of balls from allowing 9s on the break. A decent tradeoff for the value of eliminating the wasted barking over racks, or the need to get a TD or official over to rack.

    And yes, you are correct, there is still luck in the rolls despite taking some of the luck out with these rules. While better players may take a more philosophical and accepting attitude to bad rolls, I've heard many top players bitch about them as well, which seems ok to me. When your opponent's cue ball seems to be scratching, and the ball hangs in the jaws instead, and corner hooks you from an easy out-- FOR THE MATCH!-- that's simply bad (great) luck. Saw LVC do that to SVB on the 1-loss side, eliminating SVB.
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    While, the points you made are certainly worth noticing, I'd say skills take precedence over luck in games like these. While, you do feel for the losing guy who would complain about luck in the end, you can't deny the fact that the winning guy do posses the necessary skills in any competition.

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