Race to 100, 10 ball.

First night of three started Friday and went til someone got 35 (Shane leads 35 to 19, after Dennis had cut it to a 5 or 6 game difference by halftime).

They run each night's match on a repeat loop until the next match day. Shane makes 2-4 on the break and then has been on fire to get out, handling the tight Diamond pockets like they were bar-box bucket pockets. Dennis stayed with a center table break at medium speed to mixed and/or poor results. After the match he stayed and practiced his breaking, harder.

Shane had Alex down in a prior race to 100 and Alex came back (perhaps from not as far back, however). Both commentators say Dennis must improve his break results or he will have no chance, and I must agree with that.

I finally got the laptop up to the big screen tv, and it's a great look up there. Highly recommend it, and you cannot ask for a better pairing to watch.