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Thread: What a screwy system

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    What a screwy system

    OK, I am irrate again. I read on the news feeds that the imagration bill was voted on with the voters NOT even reading it first, and folks..."What the hell is the jobs of these elected officials about if they dont "HELLO" work and read what you are voting on. This is a trend that us voters have become use to and accepted for an unknown, resonable reason to me. Why can't we demand penalties, pay losses or even firings from these stuffy over paid talking heads for NOT EVEN READING A DAMNED BILL BEFORE VOTING? Public sector workers would get heat.

    I somehow feel all alone here. Am I the only one? I am not talking Democrats or Republicans differences here, none seem to read these things, and this has happened for forever. Shouldn't reading it be in their job description?

    What a screwy system, and complacent bunch of American voters we have developed into. martin
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