When I first moved upstate about a year ago, I was all set to check out the 4 pool rooms in Kingston NY. I set out with my trusty GPS, and made the rounds to all 4 rooms. I returned feeling completely denied. Seeing that all 4 rooms had closed down was disappointing to say the least. Nothing in the Catskills, nothing in Liberty, Monticello, or Ellenville. Granted these aren't big towns, certainly not like Queens. But, they do all manage to have bowling alleys. Blah, I hate bowling.

Somebody tell me its just a bad dream I'm having. Please tell me my GPS just sucks, and not all rooms are easily found on the internet. I like it up here, but I miss the game. No offense to our box players, but bar pool just isn't for me. Apa bar pool.....please god, no.

I continued my search, expanding to Middletown, Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, and Newburgh. Generally, these are bigger cities than you see in the Catskills. I found rooms there, but only one I would call a players room, maybe two. Gallery Billiards in Newburgh seems like a great little room. But jeez, I have to drive an hour and change just to get there. It costs me more for gas than it does for table time.

Hopefully our economy picks up, makes owning a room more realistic.