I was looking at the bca hall of fame inductees and found out two interesting. firstly, jose parica isn't in it. that is a bs crime of the first order. before reyes, before bustamonte, before alcano, before pags, before the lengthy rest of the list, there was parica. because of the usa's truly stupid visa rules when parica was maybe the best player in the world, his prime was totally obscured. it was like ali having the prime of his career stolen from him. the second thing is that fats wanderone is in the hall, but not in the " great player " category. he was voted in for " contributions" to billiards. I whole heartedly agree that he wasn't a great player. before he was able to convince everyone that " the hustler" was about him, and before Johnson city where the press fawned over like he was god, he hung around at the cue and carom in Carbondale, il, which is about 10 miles from fats' home. c'dale was a stop between st Louis and Memphis for road players. it is where siu is and a mecca for Chicago students who didn't want to really study much. a lot of good players at that time, and a worthwhile stopover for the road players. I hung out a the cue carom so I saw fats play quite a bit, usually by himself. he was good, but certainly not world class. he turned down a whole lot more money games than he accepted. and he never enterted Johnson city. but he did help to further tv pool, and was a very nice person, and, even tho he was pretty loud and spent more time bragging than playing, he really did have great respect for the game. so the hall got it right with fats but i9s messed up in the head about paqrica. billy p