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Thread: What do you love most about Pool and which game? CPPA is still going strong.

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    What do you love most about Pool and which game? CPPA is still going strong.

    After a long absence I happy to be on here again. Christian Pool Players Assoc. (CPPA) is still moving
    forward we just need some skilled marketers and a better way to track members. ANYWAY...

    Why do you love Pool, and what is your favorite game?

    I'll start! I think the thing that attracted me to pool in 2001 was that everything is right out in the open.
    I am also back to playing chess for the same reason it is all in front of you, nothing hidden, except
    for what you fail to see. Personally, this are my 2 favorite games for basically that same reason.

    As as to my favorite game of pool. I love 9-ball but win more at 8 ball (I think 8 ball is harder to master).
    Also, I think I would love to learn and play "One Pocket".

    Good to be back :-)

    Jim "Preacherman" Mazzulla
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    I like the fact that pool is a game where I never stop learning and am always faced with challenges to my skills.

    My favorite game is straight pool, but unfortunately there aren't too many people left who still play the game. My next favorite is 8 ball, followed by 10 ball.
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    My favorite game in pool

    I have a good interest in the game of pool. I love playing the 8-ball pool game the most according to its rules and regulations. 9 ball game is the one I also like playing, followed by the 8-ball game.

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    There is something very aesthetically pleasing about pool. It's just a beautiful game, and making a great shot, even in a losing game, is its own reward.

    I was interested even as a rank beginner for years who knew nothing, or rather, knew many things (so I thought) that weren't true at all. Finding out the tricks of the trade, so to say, where knowledge was the key, opened a completely different game for me. Learning the rails, vanishing point spots on the wall, what extreme English can do, and developing a stroke have all been delights.

    I prefer the rotation games, mainly 9-ball for a long time and now 10-ball as well.
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