A spinning ball (spinning on the table) will feel heavyer to another ball (sitting on the table). A ball spinning at say 10,000rpm would i think feel say 1% heavyer. A ball spinning at say 1,000,000rpm might feel twice az heavy.

But a spinning ball wont feel lighter to the table (ie kompared to when it stops spinning).
And levitation or zero gravity wouldnt be possible (for the spinning ball) no matter how fast the ball woz spinning.

A ball spinning at 1,000,000rpm might feel az if it had zero mass, ie az felt by a (stationary) ball suspended just above the spinning ball.
And if it were spinning fast enuff it might repel the suspended ball.
And if it were spinning much much fasterer then the repulsion might be greater than the earth's attraktion -- in which case the suspended ball would fall upwards -- a sort of antigravity machine (but the spinning ball wouldnt be affekted).

This stuff follows from aether theory.
Gravity iz due to the aktion of aether. Aether iz sucked into all matter, where it dissappears (aktually it converts to magnitizm ie elektron spin), and accelerating aether exerts force on matter, ie it drags matter along with it (hencely gravity).

Inertia iz the same sort of force or effekt (but opposit to gravity). Aktually inertia iz different to gravity in that gravitational attraktion iz due to aether being destroyed inside matter -- whereaz with inertia there aint no such destruktion (of aether).

A spinning ball sucks aether into itself at its equator region (due to centripital inertia) -- and hencely it spits aether out at its poles (koz, like i sayd, this sucked-in aether iznt absorbed or destroyed, hencely it haztago somewhere).

The same sorts of aether-gravity effekt and aether-inertia effekt occur at the earth's equator and poles. But if u google u might be konfuzed koz scientists hav made a mistake and they talk of aether being sucked in at the poles (just in case u google and karnt follow them dont worry they hav it wrong).