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Thread: Billiard Cue Safe

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    Billiard Cue Safe

    About 25 years ago (maybe 30) I saw an add, I think in Billiard Digest for a safe specifically designed for displaying and securing cues. It looked like an antique safe, but inside had a nice felt tray for displaying about 10 cues. Does anybody else remember seeing this? I'm dying to get my hands on one; or at least the ad, to prove I'm not crazy.....none of my buddies remember seeing it.

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    I know people who use gun safes to store their cues.

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    Could you find the images of that thing? If yes, please post one here.

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    No, I foolishly didn't keep the old magazines that I saw it in. I just remember it looked like an antique safe on the outside, and had a nice felt tray inside that would display about 10 cues (unscrewed, with butt next to shaft). I'm guessing that it didn't ever get to market, since nobody seems to have one out there. I'm now looking for an old safe that I can retrofit myself.

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