This Infographic Proves That Republican Policies Kill People (IMAGE)

Republicans would like to sell us a piece of their pie, but what’s in it? As it turns out, a slimy mess, with a few creepy crawlies thrown in for good measure.

A new study released by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) leaves little room to doubt that GOP policies are killing Americans. The detailed report released this week, shows which parts of the country have the highest poverty rate and the shortest life expectancy rate (over age 65,) Wouldn’t you know it, those Southern GOP states stand out like sore thumb. Jan Diehm, of the Huffington Post created this infographic, using the CDC report. It creates a stark image of where GOP policies would take the United States:

Lower life expectancy rates in GOP states coincide with higher rates of poverty across the region, with at least 30 percent of people living below the poverty line. Republicans want us to look to them for solutions, but the image, along with the CDC report, clearly show that what they’re offering is actually the crux of the problem. Deregulation, extreme poverty, poor education, higher crime rates, poor nutrition, fewer jobs, inadequate food and housing, decreased access to quality health care, all policies they can be heard promoting as reasonable solutions to the U.S. economic crisis, and all policies which the CDC and the World Health Organization have linked to lower quality of life and shorter length of life.
It’s also not surprising to learn that African Americans have a shorter life expectancy and are less healthy than white people. Those blacks who are unfortunate enough to live in the GOP governed Bible belt (also known as the poverty belt) where racism results in disparity, have the shortest life expectancy rates and lowest quality of life of any group living in the United States.
If the problems in the U.S. include…

  • We live too long
  • We need more poor people
  • Too many people have access to quality health care
  • The quality of education needs to lowered
  • The quality of life for most people is too good
  • Minorities are not dying fast enough
  • Children have too much food and nutrition
  • Toxic pollution of the air, water and land should be increased

…. then by all means we should let the Republicans fix the rest of us. If, on the other hand, we believe that our country should not be headed in the direction that GOP has already taken their own states, then it’s high time to stop allowing Republicans to dress up the diseases of poverty and racism in patriotic clothing and sell them as cures in Washington.