Gov Scott Walker gives leader of jobs agency a 50 percent pay raise after Wisconsin sank to 49th in job growth

July 21, 2013
By Anomaly

Wisconsin has plummeted to 49th in job growth under Scott Walker’s (R-Koch) Governorship, so what does Walker do? The Republican Governor gave Reed Hall a 50 percent raise hike. Hall is the CEO of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, a taxpayer funded entity. Scott Walker has touted himself as a job creator, so by that he must have meant affording enthusiastic raises to corporate entities that aren’t creating jobs as they are supposed to do, under the title he granted them.

I don’t speak GOP but I’m catching on.

From our friends at Blogging Blue:

Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. CEO Reed Hall said he did not seek a 50 percent pay raise, but said he views it as a reasonable amount for when the agency recruits for his ultimate replacement.

Hall, who was 64 when Gov. Scott Walker named him WEDC CEO and secretary in January, has no immediate plans to retire. Hall was responding to a reporter’s question at the Milwaukee Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon Wednesday in downtown Milwaukee.

Hall was set to make $120,000 when he took the full-time position in January and in February received a $65,000 raise, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.
Walker made the decision to increase the CEO’s salary, Hall said, and the WEDC board’s compensation committee approved the increase.

Yeah, if anyone associated with Scott Walker’s administration deserved a raise, it’s surely Reed Hall. After all, under his “leadership” Wisconsin has fallen to 49th in the country in job growth.

Governor Walker supports austerity cuts for the middle class but he promotes extravagant and unwarranted raises for his wealthy friends.