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Thread: Three US Presidents Meeting With Alien World Ruler In Africa?

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    Red face Three US Presidents Meeting With Alien World Ruler In Africa?

    Eureka! I have discovered the motherlode of batsh**tery!!!

    Three US Presidents Meeting With Alien World Ruler In Africa?

    Kristin Tate

    July 10, 2013 10:23pm PST

    You probably heard about Obama’s recent $10 million vacation to Africa.

    What you probably didn’t hear about was the fact that President Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were all in Africa… At the same time.
    Why were they all there?

    Preston James PhD from Veteran’s Today says our three most recent presidents were all there to meet with their Annunaki Overlord “Marduk” in secret.

    This story might just be a rumor. Still, it comes from a source that has deep Intel connections and has historically been spot on regarding other incidents.

    As reported by Before It’s News:

    First of all, I myself have very deep doubts whenever I hear anyone talking about ’the anunnaki’. To hear it coming from the website of Veteran’s Today really makes me wonder; what in the world do they know that we don’t? Isn’t it just ‘normal’ for three presidents to visit the continent of Africa at the same time? VT answers that question for us, and more…

    Never before have three American Presidents all been in Africa at the same time. It is expected that we all just accept that it is a coincidence.

    The three each travelled to Senegal and to Tanzania.

    Veterans Today raises the notion that each president travelled to Senegal to meet with a powerful world dignitary, to pay homage to him and support his eventual takeover. This “mystery entity” could be a the actual ruler of the Third Force that is now ready to take over Earth. An Annunaki Overlord, if you will.

    It sounds crazy, yes, but it could be possible. Think about it.

    Maybe this new world ruler has only been revealed to top insiders. Perhaps they do not want to alert the public yet, since it would likely shock most people and possibly start rioting.

    The rumor suggests that this great ruler is Marduk. He apparently has descended to planet Earth, specifically Africa, from an alien ship. Marduk is apparently an Annunaki, which is a demon sent from the devil himself. He hails from a planet that is not visible to humans.

    Marduk and other Annunaki are back on Earth to breed with certain chosen humans. They will eventually take over the Earth.

    If true, this could be the beginning of the New World Order.

    Veterans Today writes:

    So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system? And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background? And as some astute researchers have stated, the Third Force is remarkably deceptive and crafty and uses Kingpins and Cutouts to do its dirty work, typically disposing of them by throwing them under the bus after their missions are completed.

    The world is certainly not yet ready to witness the return of the Annunaki. That is why, at this time, only certain elites are aware of the King’s presence.

    They are already kneeling down to him, and soon we will too.

    That is, if this is all true.

    Read the full story at Veteran’s Today, and let us know your thoughts below.

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