The Most Racist Thing You’ll See Today — And From A Congressman (Steve King) (VIDEO)

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I am going to just ignore the obviously exaggerated – and outrageously erroneous – numbers and skip to his other points.

One of his biggest concerns is amnesty, or the idea that every undocumented immigrant will be pardoned by the federal government, including criminals. That is simply not true. Immigrants will have to undergo a background check, learn to speak English, hold a job, pay back taxes and a $500 fine to receive a status of “registered provisional,” after which they will have to wait thirteen years to become a citizen. It is not exactly a pardon, especially since immigrants will not be eligible for temporary status if they have been committed of a felony (or three misdemeanors). The immigration bill, in the end, would provide a much more expensive alternative to returning home and “waiting in line” to receive a green card.

Another concern, especially among Republicans, is that the border would not be secured, allowing immigrants to enter illegally, including criminals and terrorists associated with the drug cartels. However, the Obama Administration has deported more undocumented immigrants than its predecessors, and the number is expected to reach an unprecedented 2 million in 2014. Additionally, the latest studies concluded that net migration from Mexico is zero, but that is expected to change if the current trend continues. Yet, there are constant calls for greater immigration enforcement and border security – and they got them. The bill increases the number of border protection agents by moving them from the northern border to the southern border and increases the number of National Guard units. The bill also calls for more fencing, more ground mobile surveillance, additional unmanned aerial systems and aircraft, improved radio capabilities between border protection agents and State, local, and tribal law enforcement, and the construction of checkpoints along the southern border. In other words, the bill would make the U.S-Mexico border a highly militarized zone.
The bill, in the end, seems to be something that Steve King should jump into face first, but no. He prefers to keep on perpetuating his rhetoric and even grabbing scenarios out of thin air to preserve the status quo, even in the presence of facts. Thankfully, the GOP leadership is beginning to recognize and condemn his ignorance.