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    Yes i uzed it for a while 3yr ago -- and i intend to uze it (english billiards) this (2013) season.
    I measured it again.
    Lengths === 11" tip + 23-3/4" mid + 22" butt + (1" skrew wt) = 4'-10" total (+ extn = 16").
    Weights = 2.41oz tip + 8.53oz mid + 11.21oz + (3.94oz skrew) = 26.09oz total.

    The tip woz initially 16" i think (and 9.5mm i think) -- but what with experimenting and kutting it iz now 11" (and 10.0mm).
    The cue initially (when 16") made a very loud annoying TONKA sound every shot -- now (now 11") it still duzz, but it aint so loud.

    Initially (when 16" and 9.5mm) the cuesmith woz amazed when he tested the cue -- he found that the cue (uzing sidespin) had zero squerv (ie koz the qball swerved a lot) -- this woz counterintuitiv.
    Nowadays (11" and 10mm) the cue squirts more and swervs less and hencely duznt enjoy or suffer zero squerv.
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