Thecorrectionofthegeometricalerroroftherelativists leads
directly to the results I have reported in my published papers, viz:
(a) Black holes have no theoretical basis whatsoever.
(b) All solutions of Einstein’s field equations purporting an expanding Universeare incorrect. The Friedmann solution, the Lemaˆitrīe-Robertsonsolution,theRobertson-Walkersolution,theEinstein-deSittersolution,etc.are nothing more than mathematical gibberish - meaningless concoctionsof mathematical symbols.
(c) The conventional interpretation of the Hubble relation and the CMB arenot consistent with General Relativity.
(d) The Big Bang hypothesis has no basis in theory whatsoever.
(e) Cosmologically, Einstein’s theory of gravitation admits only of the flat,infinite, static, empty spacetime of Special Relativity, which, being devoidof matter, cannot describe the Universe other than locally.

That concludes my address of technical matters. I now address you on thepersonal level.I must first apologise, as you for a gentleman I mistook. In all the email
you sent me you included rude, arrogant, condescending, stupid, and insultingremarks. You have rightly earnt yourself a bloody nose, and if not forthedistancebetweenusImightwellhavevisitedyoutod eliverthecausativeblow,not because of your incompetent technical argument, but because your behaviour
has been that of an arsehole. It seems that you are doomed to live and die aconceited shithead, and, moreover, a conceited shithead who cannot do evenelementary geometry.
Stephen J. Crothers.