Genghis Khan, Communism, and used car salesmen all have a higher approval rating than congress! Way to go, Republicons!

Meet The Thirty-Eight White Men Holding America Hostage

August 4, 2013

Thirty-eight white men, most who hail from the eleven Confederate states, have been holding the Republican party, the United States Congress, and the entire country hostage by refusing to compromise on almost any issue. These men consistently block their own party’s leadership, oppose the President on every policy he proposes and ultimately, spit in the faces of U.S. voters, voting against legislation which is strongly supported by large majorities of American citizens. The worst part it, these are mostly men who campaigned on the message that “government doesn’t work.” Now that they managed to lie their way into Congress, it is evident they’ve made every effort to ensure that their ill-advised mantra holds true.

Due to the Partisan division in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner currently needs sixteen votes above a clear majority in order to pass legislation in the House. Instead of working with the GOP, these thirty-eight men have repeatedly thwarted the majority of their leadership, blocking legislation and keeping key votes from reaching debate on the House floor. So far this year, the “party of no,” as Bloomberg has fittingly dubbed the group, has blocked five of eight important legislative policies. These include John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House, federal funding for super storm Sandy, suspending the federal borrowing limit and the Violence Against Women Act. This group also forced a rewrite of the Farm Bill and shot down legislation which would have curbed the federal government’s ability to collect telephone data.

Members of the group include(complete list below) Mark Sanford, Sout Carolina, Steve Sutherland, Florida, Steve Scalise, Louisianna, Paul Broun, Georgia, Phil Gingrey, Georgia, Jim Bridenstine, Oklohama, Ted Yeno, Florida, Trey Gowdy South Carolina. Justin Amash, Michigan, is also a member of the group, and is currently leading the effort to defund the 2010 Affordable Care Act, an effort that is doomed to fail, given that a growing number of Republicans are now supporting the legislation. It is also worth pointing out that a majority of the members of this group have less than five years experience in politics.

Aside from the thirty-eight white males, the group includes two non-whites, Paul Labrador of Idaho, who is Hispanic and MarkWayne Mullin of Oklahoma, who is Native American. Michelle Bachman is the only female member of the “party of no” and is currently under investigation by state, federal and Congressional authorities, due to alleged campaign finance and ethics violations committed during her 2012 presidential election campaign.

The members of this group are also favorites of special interest groups, including the Club for Growth and Heritage Action, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation. Amost half of the members of the “party of no” have already begun receiving campaign contributions for Koch Industries PAC. It appears obvious that this small section of Congress does not have the best interest of the country or the people at heart. They represent a tiny fragment of the population, mainly, these special interest groups with unlimited funding and resources, who stand to profit immensely from deregulation, tax breaks, government subsidies and, above all, weakening powers of government, which allows for greater exploitation of America’s environmental resources and the working population.

According to the most recent Gallup poll, Congress currently has a ten percent approval rating. The Republicans in Congress are less than cockroaches and head lice, according to an actual PPP poll. Many voters will hold the whole party accountable for the actions of these forty-one members of the Republican, Liberatarian and Tea Party Caucus. Speaker Boehner has no control over the GOP that is supposed to be following his leadership in the House. According to Bloomberg.

Other Republicans, including Arizona Senator John McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, have rejected that approach as an unreasonable strategy that plays into Obama’s hands. Republicans in Congress had a public approval rating of 26 percent in a Gallup poll taken June 20-24.

“The advantage goes with the president,” and voters usually “blame the Congress for not passing legislation to keep the government functioning,” McCain said July 29 on Bloomberg Television. “And I think that some of my newer colleagues may have not learned that lesson.”

Those who have not learned that lesson will undoubtedly be called out by the voters in November.

HERE ARE THEIR NAMES OF ALL 41 (including the 3 non-white males):

  1. Matt Salmon
  2. David Schweikert
  3. Trent Franks
  4. Tom McClintock
  5. Dana Rohrabacher
  6. Doug Lamborn
  7. Ted Yoho
  8. Ron DeSantis
  9. Bill Posey
  10. Tom Price
  11. Doug Collins
  12. Paul Broun
  13. Phil Gingrey
  14. Tom Graves
  15. Raul Labrador
  16. Tim Huelskamp
  17. Thomas Massie
  18. John Fleming
  19. Justin Amash
  20. Steve Pearce
  21. Walter B. Jones
  22. Steve Chabot
  23. Jim Jordan
  24. Jim Bridenstine
  25. Markwayne
  26. Mullin Scott Perry
  27. Keith Rothfus
  28. Mark Sanford
  29. Jeff Duncan
  30. Trey Gowdy
  31. Mick Mulvaney
  32. John J. Duncan
  33. Jr. Scott Desjarlais
  34. Louie Gohmert
  35. Roger Williams
  36. Steve Stockman
  37. Jim Sensenbrenner
  38. Tom Petri
  39. Michele Bachmann
  40. Steve Scalise
  41. Steve Southerland

WOW: Congress Has a 10% Approval Rating!