Glenn Beck Says Obama Is Preparing for a “Race War”

Batsh*t loony racist says what?


What is it with the right wing’s bizarre, hateful “race war” fantasies? What the hell is wrong with these people? Beck: Obama and His Administration Are Sowing the Seeds of a Race War.

Last night, [Beck] dedicated most of his program to laying out “The Anatomy of a Racist,” and while he used Adolf Hitler, Louis Farrakhan, and David Duke as his examples, he was really trying to make the case that President Obama is following that same pattern.

On his radio broadcast today, Beck returned to the topic as he asserted that “many in this administration” fit this definition of racists, warning that they have been intentionally sowing the seeds to racial discord and are just waiting for the proper “crisis” to set off a race war.

I remember when ranting about “race war” was for only the fringiest of wackos. People like Charles Manson.

Now Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Fox News are mainlining this evil crap into the veins of the right wing base 24/7.