Right wingers love to talk about freedom, but whose freedom? In Gilberton, PA, they accuse others who hold different political views of being tyrants and Nazis while imposing tyranny and threats of violence on others. They proudly sport White Supremacist tattoos and brandish weapons against their fellow Americans. Enough of this! These men are not patriots by any stretch of the the meaning of the word..they are nothing but treasonous anti-American fascists and racists. Is this the kind of America you want for future generations?

TUE AUG 06, 2013 AT 07:28 AM PDT

The Town Of Gilberton, PA Has Been Taken Over By Militia

With a media blackout no one has heard about this.

If I told you there was this small town where citizens who do not agree with the war lord and his armed, non-government military force live in fear. Where they are denied the right to go to public meetings to air their complaints and are threatened when they speak out. Most of the town's resident feel threatened, intimidated and terrorized.

So is this a small town in Pakistan taken over by the Taliban? No, it's Gilberton, PA a small coal mining town about 45 miles NE of Harrisburg and 35 miles NW of Allentown.

In an article By Eric Dolan, Randy Morris and David Warner of Political Blind Spot .org they write:

Welcome to Gilberton, Pennsylvania, where men with loaded guns, propping up a suspended police chief accuse all other citizens of being “tyrants”. It is a place where men with Swastika tattoos claim the “other people” are the Nazis.
What, didn't you hear about this on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or really anywhere else? Isn't NPR even interested in this story? For whatever the reason, no one is touching this. Perhaps the Federal government fears a stand off and doesn't want this to snowball, or inspire other towns with similar demographics to go the same route. Whatever the reason, this is a true case of media blackout.

As part of the background of the events so far the writers continued:

Gilberton, Pennsylvania is a small borough which is currently living under the constant threat of terroristic violence. Armed men block the entrance to public meetings. Public officials openly threaten every member of society who holds a different political view than they do, and councilmen are strip searched and arrested without cause if they don’t fall in line with prevailing opinions.Anyone who tries to fire the Police Chief is be forced to live in fear of retaliation from a militia of armed terrorists. Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is the head of a political organization which refers to itself as “The Constitution Security Force.“ Kessler was recently given a thirty day suspension, for using police property as props in a video where he threatens and insults “libtards,” otherwise known as people who hold political views which differ from his own.

According to the Huffington Post, members of the group ”angrily confronted Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress, who delivered petition signatures from 20,000 Americans who want Kessler fired.” In an email Morrill explained, “I have been organizing for four decades. I have faced Klansmen in Kentucky, Ustase in Bosnia and police indiscriminately beating demonstrators in Italy. [Wednesday] night in Gilberton was more frightening than any of those situations.”Whether the town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania can legally continue to employ someone who is causing members of the community to live in fear, is yet to be seen. Kessler’s position as Police Chief is one which comes with a great deal of power and one which requires a great deal of trust from the public. After viewing the videos he has posted on-line here and here, it is hard to imagine that his outright hate for everyone who holds political views which are different from his own, does not interfere with his ability to perform his duties in a non-partisan manner. Kessler’s out of control behavior has already cost the town of Gilberton a great deal of money. In 2010 he illegally arrested a councilman and performed a strip search on him.

The people of Gilberton borough are also rightfully concerned about Kessler’s irrational behavior. In 2011, while off duty, the police chief fired his weapon during a bar brawl, shooting himself in the hand by mistake. At the time of the incident, police and media reports show that the bar was “packed” with people. In a report from the Republican Herald, published shortly after the incident first occurred, an officer under Kessler is quoted as saying: “He got mixed up. Why, at this point, is still under investigation.”The town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania has a duty to protect all of it’s citizens first and foremost, and to ensure that all of it’s citizens are able to exercise their constitutional rights. Since Kessler also runs the police in Gilberton, who is there to arrest these militia members when they threaten and intimidate others citizens? Who is there to protect other members of society and ensure that their rights are being protected? How can citizens who hold political views that differ from those of Kessler and his group of gun-wielding bullies not feel terrorized in Gilberton? The Constitution Security Force web-site makes it clear that members will not hesitate to shoot people for expressing political views contradictory to their own.

Still, the mainstream corporate media seems to be sleeping on this story, for reasons which are as of yet unclear. Spread the word. It’s up to “we the people” to let our friends, families and neighbors know what is going on, when the media refuses to do their job.

So this is where the far right, tea party, libertarians want to take this country. Pennsylvania is a northeast testing ground for far right politics. I'm just waiting for Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, North Dakota, etc. to follow. If you think the radical right in those states aren't watching, just wait.

How to stop this? Vote in 2014!