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Thread: “There is no way for me to eat less.”

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    “There is no way for me to eat less.”

    At a town hall event with Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) during a discussion about the proposed Social Security cuts to the cost-of-living adjustments, otherwise known as Chained CPI, a woman broke into tears of frustration and gloom at the prospect of seeing her already-measly Social Security payment cut.

    Sheryl Tenycat delivered this powerful speech:

    “I have $624 a month, that’s what I’m living on,” Tenicat explained. “Ninety-nine [dollars] of that goes to Medicare Part D and B. After I get my check, in two weeks, it’s gone. I have nothing. I live with what I eat here. And I just do not want my cost of living cut because I’ve paid in since I was 16 to the government. I’m looking for work in my retirement years so that I can exist. I do own my house, but I don’t know how long that will go because I have property taxes to pay.”

    Tenicat added that her car had broken down and she was now forced to take the bus to the retirement center in order to receive her free meals.

    Perhaps her most powerful statement came at the very end:
    “There is no way for me to eat less,” she said.


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    In ozz if i were unemployed i would get $250/wk plus rent assistance plus free medical plus cheap pills plus cheap fares.
    And things are cheap in ozz anyhow.
    Plus if i were single with a kid i would get extra. Plus if i were in financial trouble i would get extra extra if i asked.

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