I'm sure that many long-time members of this forum are familiar with my photo hosting Website containing several hundred images of pool tournaments in the 1980s. The site (Smugmug.com) was recently "remodeled" and I had to spend a few days getting the images reorganized. I like the new design of the site and maybe you will as well. It occurred to me that newer members of this forum may not be aware of the photos that Mike Haines and I took all those years ago, so here's a link to the galleries: http://billporter.smugmug.com/

If you recognize anyone in the photos who has not been named in the caption or the comments, leave a comment letting us know who they are. Unfortunately, with Smugmug's new format, you must login to leave a comment. To login, you must have either a Smugmug account (free) or login with a Facebook account.

Thanks for looking!