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Thread: How far, how big.

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    How far, how big.

    Q1. How far kood one hit a ball on a giant table?
    Q2. How giant kood a table be before u hadto uze a double-kurved bed instead of a flat bed, ie to allow for the angles of gravity, ie so that balls rolled straight?
    Q3. How giant would a flat table needtabe before a ball placed at the end rail would start rolling towards the center? (Assuming that the table woz level at center).
    Q4. Re Q3, how far might that ball roll before stopping?
    Q5. If a giant table had a double-kurv bed, how far away might an objektball be before u kood see the top of it when down on your shot?
    (Assuming standard humans and standard balls and standard bedkloths, ie not giants with giant balls and giant thick bedkloths).

    Re Q1, i hav allready reckoned an answer.
    Re Q2, i am guessing that a 100' by 50' table might be the limit for a flat table, ie before players began complaining about rolloff.
    Re Q3, i quess praps 100 miles by 50 miles.
    Re Q4, i guess that a ball would roll halfway to the center (ie 25 miles).
    Re Q5, i guess 1 mile.
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