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What exactly is a “perpetual societal leech”? Is that someone who takes more from society than s/he contributes to society? Yes? Okay, then, here’s some math for you: When you add up all of the money that the federal government and all state and local governments in the U.S. will spend by the time this year is over you’ll get a total of $6,400,000,000,000 (that’s 6.4 trillion dollars). (Source: As of yesterday there were 316,406,700 people in the U.S. (Source:

$6,400,000,000,000 / 316,406,700 = $20,227.13

What this means is that when you add up all federal, state, and local government spending in the U.S. and divide it by the population of the U.S. you discover that all levels of our governments spend on average $20,227.13 per person per year. This, in turn, means that any household that pays less than $20,227.13 FOR EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD in that household in total taxes per year takes more from all levels of government in services than it pays back in taxes. Therefore, BY YOUR DEFINITION, it is a household comprised of perpetual societal leeches. In other words if you are part of – for example – a family of four, and your family pays less than $80,908.53 a year in total taxes, you are part of a family of societal leeches, by your own definition.

By now you probably want to know if I am a perpetual societal leech. I’ll answer that question like this: I am single and live by myself, which makes me a household of one. I make $90,000 per year; a high income that puts me in the 28% federal income tax bracket. This means I pay $25,200 a year in federal income tax alone. This doesn’t even include my property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes on things like restaurant meals, gasoline, and alcohol, or any other taxes and fees I pay to any level of government. If you pay less than $20,227.13 in taxes each year FOR EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD, then guess what? **I** pay for the free government services that YOU consume. Every year YOU cost ME money. Oh yeah, and not only did I vote for President Obama twice, I also spent more hours than I can count volunteering for both of his election campaigns. How do you like them apples? Another difference between you and me is that while I run a Facebook page just like you, you will never see me make a post on my page complaining about how you cost me $5,000 per year in income tax alone. This is because, unlike you, I recognize that we are all Americans and we are all part of this country together. We all contribute what we can and we all benefit from each other’s contributions. Think about that next time you want to complain about how people who don’t agree with you on politics are supposedly costing you money. Your math lesson is over, and you are hereby dismissed.