Threats to kill the President, talk of destroying the government, talk of secession, respect for other people's rights only when it suits them and accords with their political beliefs, and freedom of religion for right wing Christians only,..boy these Tea Partiers sure are some outstanding "patriots", aren't they?

‘Antichrist Hunter’ Found With Rifle and 11K Rounds Charged For Threatening to Kill Obama

Americans Against The Tea Party

According to a report from the Times Tribune, a Pennsylvania man has been charged with making threats to kill Barack Obama just before the President’s scheduled visit to Scranton.

In a none-too-flattering indication of the man’s intelligence, police were tipped off when forty-two-year-old Nicholas Savino sent an email to the White House on August 16 – detailing his threat, while being all justified by his apparent view that Obama is the “Antichrist.”

Also tipping off police was a phone call from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding Savino who had been denied a pilot’s license and had made threats in Oklahoma (Savino’s previous place of residence). He had been living in the Pennsylvania area for a year and worked as an engineer – which is bizarre because engineering requires a sufficient amount of logical thought.

A sample of Savino’s musings in the email are as follows:

“President Obama is the Anti-Christ. As a result of breaking the constitution you will stand down or be shot dead. This will be sent to militias throughout the country and the media. Nick Savino.”

Yes, “breaking the constitution” is a no-no when conducting Antichrist business.

Amid Obama’s touchdown in Northeast Pennsylvania, the Clarks Summit Police and the Lackawanna County SWAT Team paid Savino a little visit by seizing a cache of weapons from his house. He is now being investigated by the Secret Service.

If Savino is convicted, he faces a maximum of five years in prison . . . which begs the question: who will protect US’ citizens from the Antichrist “if” he is put away?