Fox Idiot Says Shutting Down Government Preferable to Giving People Access to Healthcare

:Mark Harvey
Americans Against The Tea Party

I’m not sure how many people have said this now, but it seems to be a growing trend. Fox “News” contributor Erick Erickson has repeated the imbecilic battle-cry of shutting down the government in order to defund the Affordable Care Act. The only positive to come from this movement is that it is finally showing the cracks in the Right by causing a great divide over whether or not it even makes sense. Media Matters did a piece in August about the battle between Fox pundits on the issue. Apparently there are still Republicans left who are not giving in to the insanity of the Tea Party. Unfortunately we’ll probably have to wait until it’s too late to find out how this divide will affect things. More on that here, here, here, and here.

Before we get to the video clip, I just wanted to highlight some of the lapses in cognition inherent in what they’re trying to do. First, the bill was passed, signed into law by the President, upheld by the Supreme Court, and is going into effect whether they like it or not. Second, about half of the states are running their own exchanges, or are working with the federal government to do so, so it would be those states losing the funding and being burdened with even more debt, which coincidentally may just cause them all to be forced back into a recession. Third and most importantly, you can’t exactly just shut down the government. Remember the debacle over the debt ceiling and how the Right’s threats caused the credit rating for the United States to drop? It would happen again. But here’s the thing, the credit rating drop would happen no matter what, just from the threats alone, but even worse things would happen if they actually did shut down the government. The US Government isn’t paying its bills anymore? Now many of the more than two million federal employees won’t get their paychecks, or at least will be furloughed.

Now they can’t pay their bills. Federal funding that goes to the States? Now that’s gone too. Federal departments shut down. Your food isn’t being inspected. Don’t you love food-born illness outbreaks? I know I do. More floods in Colorado? No federal aid on its way. Other countries don’t want to do business with us anymore either? Wait, I hear something coming, oh it’s another recession, and it looks like it might be accompanied by a possible full on economic depression. You get the picture, I hope.

Apparently the extremists on the Right, those liberty loving TEApublicans, are so virulently against the idea of the Federal Government doing something positive and helping people by getting them health insurance, that they’re willing to destroy this country’s economy. Because, that makes sense right? What’s that saying about love? If you love your country, run it into complete economic ruin? Is this a worst case scenario analysis? Yes, but why risk such an economic catastrophe? Various articles regarding what can happen in a shut down can be found here and here, though keep in mind that they tend to discuss short-term shut downs, rather than the complete shutdown being threatened currently by some TEApublicans, and that the Democrats have vowed to not pass any measure that would fund everything except the Affordable Care Act.

Watch the video courtesy of Media Matters: