Millionaire Georgia Republican Says His $172,000 Salary Isnít Enough For 126 Days Of Work

Stephen D. Foster Jr.
September 19, 2013

This tiny remark that reveals a lot about how Republicans must really feel about their jobs in public service.

Americans are struggling. As most Americans are fighting day after day to survive, the wealthy in this county have prospered, and thatís an understatement. The wealthy have fully recovered from the recession and have increased their wealth. No wealthy person has a right to complain about how much money they are making compared to everyone else, especially if those wealthy people are also politicians.

How many ordinary Americans would complain about a job that pays $172,000 to work only 126 days a year? Georgia Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey did exactly that. During a private meeting with fellow Republicans such as John Boehner to discuss exempting members of Congress and their staffs from having to enroll in Obamacare, Rep. Gingrey apparently whined about his salary, according to the National Review. He said while lobbyists can ďmake 500,000 a year Ö Iím stuck here making $172,000 a year.Ē

It was a tiny remark that reveals a lot about how Republicans must really feel about their jobs in public service. Of course, this remark angered some aides in the room. The National Review reports that ďone person noted that many lower-rung congressional aides make relatively low wages and have no real expectation of a future cash-out.Ē But the bigger story here is that a multi-millionaire Republican is actually whining about how much heís making as an elected member of Congress while the very people he represents are not pulling in near as much income for an entire yearís work compared to what Gingrey makes working just 126 days in 2013 alone

According to Raw Story, ďGingreyís net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and $7.6 million, while the median household income in Georgia is $49,736.Ē

The average American not only makes far less, but also has far less time to spend on vacation. Last November, House Republicans gave themselves 239 days off compared to the mere 12 that the average worker gets. So Gingrey is making $172,000 for 126 days of sitting on his ass in Congress doing nothing to help solve the nationís problems and he has the nerve to whine about it?

Iím sure there are many citizens in Georgia who would just love to oust Gingrey and take his place in Congress. Public service is supposed to be about helping people, not about making money. If Gingrey doesnít understand that, he should resign his office and let someone else do the job. Last time I checked, thereís a minimum wage that needs to be raised, national security issues that need to be resolved, an immigration reform bill that needs to be passed, and a debt ceiling that needs to be raised. If you donít like your Congressional salary, leave the office, or better yet, donít run for it in the first place.