PROOF The Tea Party Is Circling The Bowl: Powerful Quotes And Video!

By Richard Rowe
September 20, 2013
Americans Against The Tea Party

“Civil War.” The power of a party crumbling, in its death throes.

We’ve been talking for a while about how the Republican Party was destined to self-destruct, to fall apart like so many leaves of shale in a mine. The first cracks began showing the moment Obama was re-elected, and the GOP Autopsy report that followed might as well have been written on the mine wall with a disembodied hand: “weighed, measured, and found wanting.” Steadily, like Egyptians pouring vinegar onto hot stone of hate and blackmail, we’ve been sending fissures down through the bedrock of the Grand Old Tea Party. And now, in the shadow of said looming blackmail, with a thunderous “CRACK!” at least one massive piece has fallen loose.

Prepare yourselves.

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