There's nothing better than watching Republicans pummel each other publicly. It's just a shame that it has to come at the expense of the entire country.

GOP Rep. Peter King Throws Ted Cruz Under The Bus, Backs Up And Hits Him Again (Video)

If thereís one good thing thatís come from the government shutdown, itís the unprecedented level of infighting among Republicans which has only caused further blame to fall on them. Representative Peter King took it up a notch today on Fox News when he unloaded on Ted Cruz, whom King apparently blames more than anyone else for the shutdown occurring. Adding insult to injury, King decried what the Tea Party wing of the House, led by Ted Cruz, has attempted to do:

ďWe should not have set this process where we say, the government is gonna shut down unless a law is defunded which has been legally passed by both houses, signed by the President, and . . . was ratified in a national election.Ē

You can watch the full exchange between King and Gretchen Carlson here: