Based on popular opinion (4-5 dentists recommend it):

*CCB Dinner- Thursday, Oct 17 at 5:00p.

Meet at the front lobby of the Marriott Hotel at 5.00p. We will try to get seated at Smokey Bones for 5.30p. Just an FYI- Smokey Bones does not take reservations. We will need to call about 30 minutes ahead of time, so they can prepare our table.

*CCB 10 Ball Ring Game, Friday, Oct 18 at 10:30a
Meet at Q Master Billiards. We'll try to start the tourney at 11a.
The rules will be the same as the past:

10 Ball ring game: Standard rotation/9 ball rules except- You must shoot at the lowest numerical ball. Honest attempt on all shots, no safeties. Fouls are ball in hand behind the line. In coming player has the option to make the previous shooter that fouled, shoot again. Winner is the person to legally pocket the 10 ball. You get 1 point for each win per round an the most total wins is the overall winner. Any ties will result in a 1 game playoff.

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