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Thread: Just got banned over at AZ!

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    If the owner of a hot dog stand implies his hot dogs are worth $50 and sells them for that price, I don't have to buy it. It does, however bother me that he is implying his hot dogs are worth $50 and accepting $50 from people who believe him. No hot dog is worth $50 and I believe peole who sell them for that amount should be exposed for their dishonesty. Billiard university doesn't exist. There is a website called with a pool skill assessment test and little else. Take the test, upload the video to you tube, the Doc will confirm the score is correct and award a corresponding degree from "Billiard University; a non-entity. What is Billiard University? For $203.50 the test taker receives a diploma on parchment paper that costs $25 to print. Someone is paid to watch the video. Someone is paid to do the small amount of clerical work and ship and handle it. I suspect the Doc and his partner simply pocket the rest. Obviously, no one is stupid enough to believe believe Billiard University is a 4 year accredited university, but they must believe it is something. They must believe it is some pool version of a university and must believe it is of stature and because of this, receiving a diploma from this university is of significance. Otherwise, they wouldn't be shelling out $203.50 for a diploma. Billiard university simply does not exist as an entity and I believe that those who sell diplomas for 203.50 from this non-entity should ne exposed for their dishonesty.
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