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Thread: Just got banned over at AZ!

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    Taper matters too, I agree. Its tough for me to relate to a 10mm though, I never tried one. For pool, 11.75 is pretty skinny. You don't see too many with less than that, mm wise. Only snooker I've ever played was just for practice, with regular 2 1/4" pool balls on a snooker table.
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    Dr. Dave used to post like a bi polar person during his manic phase, over here....

    Eric >welcome back to CCB, Elroy

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    Thanks. I've been locked out of AZ entirely for 2 weeks. I own an iPad. That's my only computer, but the last time I looked 2 weeks ago my thread had 7000 views and 225 replies. Very, very few of those 225 were in any way supportive of my posts. The moderator was obviously the least supportive. I strongly suspect many of the big name posters over there were with me but they didn't want to post it in my thread, seeing how so many of the instructors involved in this sham are big names themselves.

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    Looks like Dave dropped his price to 100, all in your honor!

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    The Dr. Dave peace-sign technique is very useful in applying the 30-degree rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enjoydgame View Post
    The Dr. Dave peace-sign technique is very useful in applying the 30-degree rule.
    How dos that work.

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    I think that Dr Dave's 30dg rule iz based on the factoid that the natural halfball deflexion angle for the qball offa an objektball iz nearnuff 30dg, and, the natural flexion angle tween your first and second pinkies iz nearnuff 30dg.

    Hencely if u hold your flexed fingers down over the shot with one pinky on the qball halfball shotline extn, then the other pinky shows the natural halfball deflexion angle for the qball, ie after kontakting the objektball halfball.

    This ignores the initial (skidding) trajekt of the qball, this initial trajekt being at 60dg (or praps 58dg), until balltobed friction converts skidding to rolling, at which time we see 30dg.

    Ignoring for the moment the faktoid that there are 4 ways of measuring the deflexion angle and all of them are different and korrekt, or all of them are wrong, or one of them iz korrekt (i will fix this later when sober).

    And factoid 3 iz that the halfball angle iz obtained even if the objektball iz kontakted 5/8th ball, and if kontakted 7/16th ball.
    This iz for a rolling qball, zero skidding, zero stun. Stun givs a wider angle.
    And this iz for slowish rolling. Fast pace givs a wider angle.

    Me myself I hav never uzed this trick. But i will giv it a try tomorrow. I will report back.
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