Watch Frustrated Reporter Try To Find ‘Massive Rally’ Of Racist Tea Party Truckers! (Video)

By John Prager
Americans Against The Tea Party
October 12, 2013

It was to be a day of glory! Between 3,500 and 6,000 truckers were purported to be headed to the DC beltway to…something, gas prices, something something Muslim something Kenyan Socialist something…
get the dark-skinned guy out of office.

The movement, which has been heavily promoted by birther Islamophobe Zeeda Andrews–who believes that Osama Bin Laden is alive (and is our President), and that the world is secretly ruled by a race of shape shifting lizard people who are pumping aluminum into the earth’s atmosphere to block out the sun’s rays, originally claimed that they were going to shut down the DC Beltway, arrest members of Congress, and spoke heavily in support of “Libtard-hating” Mark Kessler, seems to have hit a bit of a snag.

Bruce Leshan of WUSA9 spent all day first trying to locate, then riding with the MASSIVEamount of extremist right wing fringe idiots on wheels. While the movement does havesome legitimate trucking-related issues, it has devolved into an extremist rabble with whom it is difficult for anyone but the most vile humans in existence to sympathize–and it showed!


Bruce’s frustration is palpable.

“They call it the Truckers Ride for the Constitution but these guys don’t seem to have the fortitude of our founding fathers….We have been circling the beltway all afternoon and no sign of these truckers. We did see some protesters up on some overpasses, but none of the truckers.”

While “a spokesperson” claimed there were 250 trucks out, this unfortunate reporter had trouble even finding a few–so much so, that he spent the day circling the beltway searching for our TEA-rucker friends!

They did, however, catch up with the gargantuan caravan of trucks that would be the driving force –that would make a statement to the nation that…wait, what? You mean he found about six?

“You can see now the truckers driving three lanes abreast and doing everything they can to slow down traffic to make life even more miserable for people trying to drive the beltway in this rain….I saw about a half dozen of them when I was out on the road.”

What we basically had was a tiny number of nutjobs being jerks to everyone else because they can’t get their way. Sound familiar?

“They are concerned about some trucking issues in terms of regulation, fuel prices, things like that…but they kind of veer into this far right screed against President Obama. They actually at one point were promising to drive up Constitution Avenue and try and throw some members of Congress into handcuffs.”

He jokes about being able to move freely on the road, and taunts the movement’s claim that they would block the beltway and speculates that there was such a small turnout because their far right extremist attitude has turned off most of America, even those who would otherwise be associated with the movement.

I agree.