Watch ‘Delusional Racist’ Larry Klayman Get His A$$ Handed to Him: ‘Who’s the Whore Now?’ (Video)

Posted by: Bob Cull in Liberals in Action, Most Popular on AATTP, TEApublican Smack Downs, Videos October 19, 2013

Speaking to Martin Bashir on MSNBC Larry Klayman, CEO of FreedomWatch, one of the more radical TEA Party organizations, attempted to defend his remarks at the “Million Vet March” recently.

Klayman tried to claim that his remarks about the President were taken out of context and that he meant them as a metaphor, not expecting anyone to take them literally. He went on to accuse the left of deliberately editing them to make it seem as though he did mean it literally.

Here are Klayman’s exact words, taken from the video which he supplied on WND to refute what he says the left has intentionally distorted:

“We are now ruled, quote unquote, by a President who bows down to Allah, who’s rules of engagement for our veterans don’t allow us to defend ourselves properly, who are dying in Afghanistan, per capita in greater numbers than have ever died in any American war, and I know because I represent some of the families, and I feel personally involved. This President is not a President of we the people. He’s a President of his people.”

These are the same words which have appeared on every news show which has played an excerpt from his speech, the same words which he insists have been edited to make him look like he is accusing the President of being a Muslim when, according to him they were metaphoric.

Whenever Bashir or his other guest, James Peterson, associate professor at Lehigh University attempted to ask him a question or challenge anything he said he would, in typical TEA Party fashion talk over them, in an attempt to keep them from expressing a view contrary to his.

Bashir read a passage from his book, Whores:Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, in which he says, “I have never engaged the services of a prostitute, but I have encountered a lot of whores in my career-people and interests who sell out their nation for money, power and fame.” He then asks him, “So who is the whore in your opinion, is it Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnel?”

Attempting to deflect the question Klayman responded, “Well, that was in regard to people in Washington generally, it was Thomas Jefferson who said, Martin…” at which point Bashir interupts to say, “I understand that Mr. Klayman I just wonder if I could take your very words and ask you which of those two, Mr. Cruz or Mr. McConnell is in your opinion a whore.”

Kalyman said, “In terms of how I would charcterize it Mitch McConnell sold out the American people so I would categorize him in that group.”

He goes on to say, “Our grievances are not being heard by either political party, so therefore, they’re all whores.”

Bashir then turns to Peterson asking if he thinks that there will be a major split in the Republican party with Cruz leading a secession from the party and what it will mean to the nation since Cruz almost single handedly led the nation into default.

Peterson said that he does not see Cruz leaving the party any time soon if only because of his aspirations to the Presidency something that would be virtually impossible running on a third party ticket. He then acknowledges that he may agree on one point with Klayman, that being that we should really have three or four parties in our system because there is too much money involved in politics.

He goes on to say, “Ted Cruz is a part of that system, he may seem to be more rebellious and revolutionary because he’s affiliated himself with the TEA Party, but at the end of the day, he’s pretty on the straight and narrow when it comes to American politics.”

Coming back to Klayman, Bashir raised the question of his challenge last year of the President’s right to be on the ballot because he doesn’t believe that he is a natural born citizen to which he replied, “Actually, I’m still doing that, Martin.”

After playing the tape of Klayman’s remarks which are quoted above, he asks him, “Are you claiming that the President is a foreign born Muslim who has hoodwinked the entire nation?”

It is at this point that Klayman makes his claim that the tape was cleverly edited and that his remarks were obviously metaphoric. He then says, “The President has bowed down to Arab states and Muslim interests at the expense of the United States and Israel.”

Bashir interrupts and asks, “What evidence do you have to support these repugnant slurs and smears?”

Klayman then asserts, as a journalist and as a writer, Martin, you know that those references were metaphoric.”

Bashir asks him if he was using these metaphors to incite the crowd and titillate Sarah Palin and just all around rabble rouse.

Klayman claims that he was just making a point and get them to understand.

You can watch the entire conversation in the video below.