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Thread: All Open players have been paid... (!!!?!?!?)

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    Cool All Open players have been paid... (!!!?!?!?)

    According to Johnny Archer, who posted the following. He would know as he was holding the escrow monies from the players' entry fees and worked in close cooperation with Barry on the payouts.

    Everyone has been paid at the US OPEN - Today, 09:00 AM
    I want to let everyone know that every player at the US open has been paid in full. A lot of people pitched in to help to make this happen. Thanks to everyone involved (you know who you are). The players received their checks within 2 hours after they were eliminated. It was a very smooth process. This should have set a precedent in all future events. Pool made a big step this week. I pool would go as well as the open did last week then all events will be successful. Thanks to everyone for supporting the ABP so we could get this done. Thanks to Barry and Shannon for working with us for making this US Open successful. Thanks, President of ABP
    Johnny Archer
    That's something that probably few would have predicted, even though (all) the money was said to have been in escrow, not just the players' funds. In fact, I heard 3rd hand that Johnny himself was doubting this, saying the funding was maybe $20k short fairly late in the tourney.

    This IS good news and maybe saves the future of the Open from further decline (the field was just 171 this year as apparently payout issues had soured some of the players who had to come furthest (only 2 Filipinos in the field, for example) and maybe have to eat all their expenses for some time since their payments could be held up and delayed).
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    Apparently, all the players were paid. Dennis Walsh, and attorney and works with the ABP players union, held the funds in his escrow account. Long story, short, everyone supposedly was paid in full. As everyone knows, this is the first time there were not "time payments", in several years...


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