This was a new part of the US Open this year-- the tv table only had a 40 second shot clock, and then, even it didn't use it all the time.

I had watched the Monday match on Accu-Stat's ppv stream between Warren Kiamco and Mika and another one with Raj Handal and Kassandra Bien without noticing any shot clock in effect. Also, the earliest day matches didn't seem to use that clock either.

I think it's odd to have a shot clock on only one match a round, and then not even use it consistently there. What gives with that?

There were other oddities with the clock. No player really called for it*, and it was automatically reset. Someone I think in the Accu-Stat staff called 'extension' when that happened, maybe to warn the player they were down to their last 40 seconds. (*Once Shane did ask for it and was told he'd already used it on the first shot of the rack. He had to rush a jacked up shot with 4 seconds to go on the clock and missed.) Sometimes there were resetting it at the 10 second warning mark (but that was early in the week-- later it was only reset when it hit double zeroes).

Not sure what the point was, or if there's been discussion or explanation anywhere. The Open did buy WPA sanctioning for $2,500, and maybe that had something to do with it?

I think the earliest AM matches didn't use the shot clock because there were no booth commentators there.

Also, many people told me in the finals that Lee Van Corteza was being hosed by the 40 second clock and Shane was being favored by not starting the clock right away. From what I saw, Lee's shot clock was handled correctly, so any discrepancy would have been some laxity with getting Shane's clock going. I think theoretically they didn't start it until a player got to the table (not when the balls stopped rolling from the last shot), plus pausing the clock when a jump cue or bridge needed to be changed for off table. Same with the break when the playing cue had to be switched out.