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Thread: Watch: Bill O’Reilly Forces Dick Cheney to Admit the Pointlessness of His Wars

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    Exclamation Watch: Bill O’Reilly Forces Dick Cheney to Admit the Pointlessness of His Wars

    It sure as hell wasn't pointless for Cheney, or his bank account.

    Watch: Bill O’Reilly Forces Dick Cheney to Admit the Pointlessness of His Wars

    Omar Rivero
    Occupy Democrats
    October 29, 2013

    It’s not often that Republican hack and Fox news host Bill O’Reilly actually grills a top ranking member of the GOP, especially someone with a stature as high as former Vice President Dick Cheney, but that is exactly what happened last night.

    During a discussion about the costs, benefits, and consequences of Dick Cheney’s war in Afghanistan, which he orchestrated by downright manufacturing evidence and forcing higher-ups in the military and executive branch to go along with these lies, came this wonderful exchange:

    Bill O’Reilly: It looks to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, that once the United States pulls most of our people out, and we might put them all out, just like we did in Iraq, because Karzai is not cooperating on a lot of different fronts, the Taliban, with Al Qaeda’s help, is going to come in and make the country a chaotic mess!

    Dick Cheney: Not just Afghanistan. An issue of the economist just a couple of weeks ago, had a cover on it that said “the new face of terrorism”, and inside it had a map of 10 different countries across Africa, from Malie, Niger, Nigeria, all the way across that are now safe havens or sanctuaries if you will, places were terrorist Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda fellow travelers can find safe harbor and sanctuary. Far bigger part of the globe now that is vulnerable to that kind of thing, training facilities and so forth, then we ever faced in the past. The US withdrawal from that part of the world has significantly diminished our capacity, when trying to deal with the situation in Syria, the situation in Iran, they don’t pay any attention anymore.”

    Fortunately, Bill O’Reilly did not let him get away with invading the question: “Okay, so again, you have a policy difference with the Obama administration that you wouldn’t withdraw, you would stay. But by staying, we are paying so much money and the suffering on our military people is so high, but again we are all Americans and we are all in this together, but it looks to me like the Taliban is going to reconstitute and cause so much trouble in Afghanistan it’s going to become a chaotic mess!

    Dick Cheney: But the last time that the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they had bases that trained 20,000 terrorists…

    Bill O’Reilly: And I think they are going to do that again! Don’t you think that they are going to do that again?

    Dick Cheney: In addition to 19 hijackers that came here with airline tickets and box cutters and killed 3000 Americans!

    Bill O’Reilly: I got it, I got it, but aren’t they going to do that again?

    Dick Cheney: So what, we just sit back and don’t worry about it?
    At this point, Bill O’Reilly grew exasperated: No, but I am asking you, if we are withdrawing and they are going to do it again, and it seems likely that they will, what did we get out of it?

    Dick Cheney, frustrated and unable to give a good answer, replied: Well, what do you get out of it? If you withdraw and you let that happen again, Bill.
    That’s right, after refusing multiple attempts to answer Bill O’Reilly’s pointed question about what the American people “got out of” his war in Afghanistan, Dick Cheney was unable to provide a solid, coherent answer.

    By starting a war which he knew we would never be able to get out of, he enlisted the American people and military in a perpetual waste of money, blood, and lives that would have been much better spent here in America building roads, bridges, and investing in our children’s education.
    And what did we get out of it? We got a former Vice President who was once America’s most powerful military contractor to literally make billions of dollars off of the military expansion that took place under his watch, with little to show for it for us.Best answer to the question of what America “got out of it” is “well, if you withdraw, then you let that happen again!”
    If the American people knew that, in return for supporting his Afghanistan war, we were going to end up entangled in a perpetual conflict that did nothing but line the pockets of military contractors, we would have never agreed to go to war in the first place.

    Please watch the video below and spread Dick Cheney’s shame on social media forums.
    “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    If there is a dangerous forum ... that's the one. -- LWW (referring to BD NPR)

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    Bravo! This is an excellent post my friend. Each time I return to NPR and check out your posts, I realize how important and effective your posting selections, documented proof, revealing over and over vast corruption, highlighting broad proof of failed NEOCON policies, thieving Republican PIGS who have pushed our country into this horrendous mess of wars for corporate profits.

    Dick Cheney has damaged this country more than any single American in American History, yet his daughter, who backed up and justified Cheney's lies and corruption has the sheer gall to show her face in the political arena.

    We True Blue Patriots must commit to removing Republicans from office, locally and across the board. We must protect this country from the Republican majority of fascists on the Supreme Court.

    Until we vote in a Democratic majority in all three branches, we cannot overturn Citizens United, and we must make that effort our top priority, insuring that we have a Democratic Majority on the Supreme Court going forward.

    Without that, our country and principles of democracy will be lost forever.
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