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Thread: Atoms aint atoms.

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    Atoms aint atoms.

    Well well well well well well well -- at last some proper science -- atoms are not spherical -- atoms hav shape -- well well well.
    Its like this.
    There aint no such thing az atoms.
    Or, there iz, but the only atom iz protium, ie hydrogen, ie one proton and one elektron.
    All others are molecules.
    Yes, most atoms are molecules of one sort or another.
    There are probly 4 types of molecules -- ie 4 different orders of molecular bonding -- ie different bonding strengths (not inklooding lots of minor varyations of bonding).

    The basik (first rank) molecule iz helium -- with 2 protons and 2 electrons (theze are nearnuff what we call alpha particles).

    Nearly all elements are made up of alpha particles (ie molecules made up of alphas) -- with praps a few aktual atoms thrown in (ie protiums).
    Plus one or more neutrons thrown in for good measure.

    At last, at last, free at last. Real science iz kumming.
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