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Thread: A Classic! Watch 8 Minutes of Epic Tea Party Ignorance Here (Video)

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    Wink A Classic! Watch 8 Minutes of Epic Tea Party Ignorance Here (Video)

    A Classic! Watch 8 Minutes of Epic Tea Party Ignorance Here (Video)

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    October 26, 2013

    Back in 2009, a march was held in Washington D.C. to protest our socialist Marxist fascist communist Kenyan black president and his totalitarian policies that was destroying American liberty and freedom. It was called the Taxpayer March on Washington but was better known as the 9/12 Tea Party and it was heavily promoted by then-Fox News Baron of the Idiots Glenn Beck.

    New Left Media was on the scene and interviewed some of the participants. Some of the responses from the Tea Party crowd to the questions they were asked were just flat-out mind boggling. A common theme was that they were there to “preserve freedom” and “take their country back”.

    I always love that last response. Take their country back from what? We had an election, and the majority of the country wanted Barack Obama as president. Twice! That’s how democracy works. But the Tea Party adherents seem to feel as if they are the “true Americans” who love the country more than anyone else does, which is a ridiculous notion, but that is what fuels their fire.

    Many of those interviewed were unable to offer good responses to the follow up questions asked from New Left Media, proving that most of the people there had no idea that they had been brainwashed by Glenn Beck and Fox News propaganda, and proved incapable of coming up with good answers when pressed on their political knowledge. A good example in the video was when there was a discussion about czars. President Obama, like previous presidents, employs czars, defined as “an informal title for certain high-level officials in the United States and United Kingdom.” But the word seems to have some scary connotations to the Tea Partiers in attendance. One lady seems to think that the word czar means “Russian king”! The czar discussion in this video might be the most epic level of dumbf*%kery I have personally ever seen.

    And finally the video ends with someone calling Glenn Beck “logical”, which should nicely set the stage for what you are about to witness.

    Watch the hilarity below!

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