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    Twelve Eliminators.

    I hav ordered some Eliminator sneaky petes from theusofa, surely the best woodtowood joint out there (allbeit with a small stainless pin and a small bit of brass) -- so lite, so neat, so economical -- compared to the massive big klunky, World War 1 surplus, over-engineered sad excuses for joints that i see on the web -- yuckkkkky. But its a pity that no-one puts their best maple in sneaky petes. Anyhow i will report back. mac.

    Hey Mac, u think that sneaky is better than this McDermott cue for $45? Can also get em with no wrap for $39, and they hit surprisingly well. bambu.

    That McDermott iz a nice cue. I like the idea of not having any splicing, and a midjoint (ie a real joint, not a 3/4 poofta snooker joint). However my preference iz a machine splice (ie 4 point clubstyle cue) rather than zero splice.
    And i prefer a maplemaple (woodwood) (mid) joints. The $45 McDermott iz plastik to plastik i guess.
    I know u kan buy proper wooden joints (expensive), with large threaded wooden pins etc. But i dont mind some (hidden) plastick pins or stainless pins and a small bit of female brass. But most woodtowood features large bits of plastic etc, not even hidden.
    If a plastik pin etc haz a SG of 1.7, and the amount of plastik iz 4 times the size of metal bits, then u havnt saved anything kompared to say brass (SG 8). In fakt the plastik bits that i see look to be much more than 4 times.
    So, Eliminator style small stainless pins glued in wood one end and skrewing into a small bit of female brass the other end iz pretty much az minimalist az u will ever find. The best joint in the world (praps even better than wooden pins etc).
    Any big wt (or change of density etc) at midpoint must (badly) affekt the hit. The Eliminator peeple are not too worryd that the occassional joint might split. Whereaz McDermott & Co are terryfyd even if n when the cue iz only $45.
    Catch 22. McDermott sell a say $300 shaft. They dont want it to split. So, they uze a massive big klunky, World War 1 surplus, over-engineered joint -- and now their shaft plays worse than a $30 shaft.
    And of course i dont like the look (nor play i reckon) of all thems rings and inlays and wraps and rubber bumpers on butts . Whats wrong with a plain simple 4pt machine splice -- and surely it hits better. I unskrew bumpers first thing.
    And i notice that many obvious (non-hidden) fat plastik or giant metal joints are now called sneaky petes -- NNOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! mac.

    I own a pechauer pro series sneaky Pete. I paid $270 for it. If I was going to pay that much for quality there was no way I was going to pay for decoration. As it turned out the quality of the wood is so fine that it's a decoration in itself. I love the way it plays also. hizboyelroy.

    A genuine quality cue iz worth every penny. But one kan get 12 Eliminators for $270, alltho u probly aint got much choice, all will be 13mm (but u hav choice of 18oz or 19 or 20 or 21).
    I will be sanding my Eliminators down to 12mm and 11mm and 10mm and 9mm (for english billiards on 12ft table).
    Some of my mates are getting (excellent) chineze and thailand snooker cues for $100 inklooding mini-butt and maxi-extn and cuecase and inklooding postage.
    I suppoze that the quality of the wood in the butt aint important. But a strong stiff lite shaft-wood iz paramount. I wonder whether cuesmiths aktually measure shaft-maple and rank it (and uze the worst for sneaky petes).
    All else being equal -- i would uze a vibration test to rank shafts. If same size shafts the higher frequency = bestest.
    Snooker cues nowadays seem to hav lots of splices and different colors (wood), ie in the butts. I suppoze that the more splices then the less bending (warping) over time. Splices uzually look nice, but must be expensiv.
    And, like i sayd, handsplices are overated hitwize, machine splices are probly just az good.
    Idea. What if the butt half (of the pool cue) woz pure maple, praps with maple splices (if worryd about warpage). And, the dezired wt woz simply achieved by having a bigger skrew-in (permanent) metal rod (or adjustable if u want). Or, duz heavy buttwood really help the hit, kompared to maple with wt. mac.
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