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    Re (good) oldfashioned dufferin bar cues.
    I see that some (other) modern cues are (krappy) half spliced cues, and (shite) inlay-splices that look a bit like proper 4 pt splices but aint a proper splice at all.

    SLIGHTLY BLUNT..... My old 1pce dufferin haz 4 sharp points and 4 slightly blunt points at the butt end.
    VERY BLUNT............ Some of my cues hav very blunt points at the butt end (so too the Eliminators).
    8 SHARP POINTS....... I see that some cues hav 4 sharp points at both ends of the splice.

    All of theze "machined splices" are good and all look good -- I don't hav a preference. Apparently some cuesmiths wrap wrap over blunt points to hide them koz they reckon that blunt points look ugly.

    MACHINE SPLICES. We call them pointy splices machined splices -- to differentiate from the olderfashioned single (1) splice, and the old butterfly splice (2), and the old double butterfly splice (4 splices) (which we now called hand-spliced).

    But I see that machined splices kan be sort of made by sort of hand. Like whisler cues. mac.
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