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    When u say on the wall it reminds me that one of my 3pce cues iz on the wall here right now. Most of my 3pce combos hav a slight bend koz I am mixing shaft-pces and mid-pces. If Eliminator midjoints were all perfikt there wouldn't be a bend -- actually they would hav a slight bend koz I don't do a good job of taking wood off the shaft-pces (when i take the 13mm down to 9mm).

    Anyhow most of the shafts need (a bit of) straightening (partly koz of my mixing, partly koz of my unwooding). So i poke the cue throo a brass bracket under my billiard room shelving, and let the cues wt take the bend out of the shaft-pce. This duznt work very well, it takes a long long time (and then the silly shafts slowly get their bend back). So, this time, i hung a book over the butt to get more pressure, and i left the cue on the wall for almost 2 weeks (while i went to Adelaide). When i got back i found i had overdunn it, the shaft-pce had a bend the other way. I layed the cue on my table for a few days, waiting for the unbend to start ununbending, but nothing. So now the cue iz on the wall again but the opposite way, but this time i aint uzing that there book (not yet anyhow).

    For a while back there i had four cues poking throo brackets under my shelving, all getting unbent.
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