‘Are You Serious?!’ Democrat Congressman Flips Out on GOP Obstructionists! (Video)

Mike Walker
Americans Against The Tea Party
October 29, 2013


A long time ago in a land named America, a loud-mouth bigot named Joe McCarthy tried to bury American Idealism under a huge, stinking mound of “communist” BS. A few of you will recall the heroic words of Joseph N. Welch as he stared McCarthy down in one of the most dramatic moments in our history. His eyes steely with resolve, Welch asked McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” Welch had big nuggets, and it seems at long last, some other Democrats are actually growing a pair themselves.

Today, during yet another Obama-witch hunt congressional hearing on the Affordable Care Act, Representative Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) apparently had heard enough. He stood up and unloaded on Republicans and their attempts to kill Obamacare. With his temples throbbing and a look of sheer disgust on his face, he said to the Republican Committee Chairman:

“What are you going to do about the approximately 17 million children with preexisting conditions who can no longer be denied health insurance coverage,” Parscrell asked the GOP during a House hearing on Obamacare. Standing up and pointing his finger at the other side of the aisle, he continued, “We want to go back and want to say you are no longer covered any longer — are you going to tell the parents of those kids?”

When Republican Tim Griffin (TX) responded that there were a number of workable alternatives to Obamacare, Pascrell had had enough.

“Are you serious, what you just said?” Pascrell said, standing and becoming visibly angry. “Are you really serious? After what we have gone through? After what we’ve gone through in the last three and a half years? You can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative? After these years? We’ve gone through 44 votes — 48 votes now — of you trying to dismantle this legislation. You call that cooperation? I don’t.”

Wow! A Democrat with balls the size of Joe Welch’s! A man standing up (literally) and demanding decency and an end to the public charade of anti-Obama theatrics, being pushed ad-infinitum onto all of us, by the Republican/TEA party controlled House of Representatives.

I was thinking that this story reminded me of another I heard just last week. Seems another Democratic Representative from New Jersey, Mr. Frank Pallone, had his own Joe Welch moment during yet another hearing; this one focused on the Healthcare.gov website. Apparently some of the Republicans had “suggested” that Obamacare was illegal, because the application form was not HIPAA compliant! The following exchange brought tears of joy to my eyes. Pallone: “I started out in my opening statement saying there was no legitimacy to this hearing and the last line of the questioning certainly confirms is that. HIPAA only applies when there’s health information being provided. That’s not in play here today. No health information is required in the application process. And why is that? Because pre-existing conditions don’t matter! So once again, here we have my Republican colleagues trying to scare everybody —” Barton, interrupting: “If the gentleman will yield?” Pallone: “No, I will not yield to this monkey court!” Did you hear that? “monkey court” and “Are you serious?” out of the mouths of Democrats! In less than a week now, two Democratic Representatives, both from New Jersey, have found their family jewels. Maybe those folks in the Garden State have been eating their garden-grown veggies!

Watch: http://youtu.be/9owwg1LALxk