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    Ball size

    Hi I have a 1958 Valley table. Can anyone tell me what size balls were used with this table,I'm using 2 1/4 in. Balls now and it seems that the balls are too big for the pockets. Can anyone help? Thanks jim

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    Depending on the game, they differ in weight, size, type, and number. In US, some pool tables use a smaller cue ball instead. Modern tables usually employ a magnetic ball of regulation or near-regulation size and weight.

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    AFAIK, the size of pool balls in the 1950's is the same as that of modern pool balls (2 1/4 "). Prior to the introduction of magnetic cue balls and magnetic return systems, the cueball was bigger and heavier but the other balls were still 2 1/4 inches. Perhaps the pockets on that 1958 Valley were shimmed to make them tighter?
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