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Thread: 3 Piece Cues.

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    I searched throo my stockpile, and i found a 20-3/8" long Eliminator shaft that i had kut down years ago (originally 29") to make a masse-cue/nursery-cue.
    It had a rubber qtip (originally a lepro) -- so yesterday i kut this off and glued on a 10mm elk.
    The tip-end iz 10.1mm (zero ferrule)(originally 13.2mm with white plastic ferrule). Joint-end iz 21.6mm (0.850")(ie nontouched original).
    The maple iz 12.7mm at 6", and 17.2mm at 12" -- allmost unuzeable (too conical) -- i will sand this down to near parallel.
    Anyhow i hav my shaft-pce -- now i need a mid-pce -- and a butt-pce.

    I will of course uze an Eliminator sneaky pete for the mid-pce.
    Hencely measuring back 29" from the qtip the maple will be 24.7mm (0.972") -- in other words my 3pce cue will be 0.972" at mid-point -- ie 0.122" oversize (allmost 1/8"). This iz fat fat fat. I luvv it (just hope it aint too noze-heavy).
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