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    Gday Freddie -- thanx for that stuff.
    What sort of joint are Joint 1 and Joint 2 of lebow cue, and of gilbert cue?? And what sizes etc.

    Are they lite wood to wood joints (if steel or collared then would be noze-heavy I guess).

    Are they thick dia joints (if thick then cues would be noze-heavy I guess, no big deal u get used to it).
    I suppose that your Joint 1 dia and Joint 2 dia are exactly what u would find at the third-points of standard cues (or did u ask for different).
    (All of my Joint 1's are 0.850", ie same az mid-point joint of standard mid-joint 2pce pool cues).

    Iz there a wt-bolt added at end of butt (for balance)(I will probly add a wt bolt in mine).

    What total wts are the cues.

    How do they play?? Praps if heavy joints then praps they don't play very well (especially if thin joints).

    [My 3pce iz playing well, alltho I am having trouble with the new elk tips (too hard). Anyhow my 3pce iz looking promising -- kood be a goer for the 2014 billiards season. I am going to make a second separate 3pce cue this morning -- this cue will be 3 by 20"].

    Re a cue-case -- I am looking at secondhand ukulele-cases (or viola or clarinet or ???)(but I would look like a hoodlum, especially if I wore a white panama with a purple hatband). And I am looking at a soft bag/pouch sort of folding thing, praps with individual pockets (would havtabe homemade I guess).
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