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    My 3pce balance iz an inch or two noze-heavy (compared to standard)(even with that ubeaut Eliminator 5/16-18 Joint1) -- i kood fix that by shaving off lots of maple, but that would reduce stiffness (and getting extra stiffness woz the primary goal which got me going on this 3pce stuff, getting a tote-able small cue-case woz allways a secondary consideration).

    But praps I am getting used to the noze-heavyness (and so kood anyone). Anyhow no cue iz very noze-heavy to me koz i hold the cue much shorter than anybody (mainly koz of the forward angle of my hand, but that's another story).

    But getting back to krappy stalin-joints, i reckon that magnesium (SG 1.74) would be better koz it iz lighter than titanium (SG 4.5)(when uzing same sized pin). Hell, Bakelite (phenolic rezin) haz a SG of 1.7 (and magnesium iz much stronger)(maple's SG iz say 0.70).
    None of this would make much difference to my 3pce cues koz the steel pin (wood skrew) in my homemade Joint2 only adds about 0.43oz to the cue wt -- the sound-wave would hardly know it woz there. And the 5/16-18 in Joint1 only adds praps 1oz.

    Anyhow the plain linseeded look of the (stringybark or peppermint) light brown wide-grained butt-pce of mine looks very nice. I wont be painting it. But i might burn on some discreet little rings (and praps some rarrk) near the ends in an indigenous (didgeridoo) fashion.
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